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Whe all know it’s a few years that is there a war.Every day people dies because war in middle east.They have no money.But where in hell they get money for weapon’s?We know thats thrue power comes from oil and there is a very very much oil.This is like a game of chess.Its not all thrue what you hearing on media.They are payed to write what we like to hear.If they can pump oil in europe then will be there a war, terrorist and all other things.People in all world are equal.You can’t judge people if they live there in war zone.Why people love jesus?He was living in today war zone but 2018 years ago.If there is no oil then will people paying a 100 times more for electricity.Today saying its best choice.But for who?For the biggest companies but sure not for people.

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  1. There is a lot of truth in what you speak, very sadly so. Most people on Earth just want to live in peace each and every day yet if there is peace then the companies that make all the war equipment would go broke and the politicians would cease to get their secret campaign contributions from them. Greed, ignorance, hate, they are all fertilizer on the Devils seeds to make sure that the blood always flows. I am going to reblog this article for you, you made some very good points.

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