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All people belive in something.I was a Christian.But today i am Christian and don’t go to church.How it’s possible you ask yourself?I tell why.If jesus learn us we don’t need stones and bricks to pray.We dont need other human to getting closer to God.Church is all about power.You go to hell if you don’t go to church.But if Jesus love all people why will he send them in hell.Just because in church say it?They don’t give a shit to poor people.They don’t care if a child is dies because hunger.They don’t give nothing,just takes.How church learns people is not like Jesus learn.Church worship more holy Mary as Jesus.Its al a big lie.A few missionaries helping people.Church know they must something to show that people see or belive.Why can’t priest be priest married?Its because they have a much wealth and they don’t like it to share.Jesus didn’t say a human that’s belive in Jesus should not married a woman.Think very good in who you belive.In church or in Jesus….

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  1. Very good article. To me, it is obvious that your Christian knowledge/upbringing is within the Catholic Church. My Sister is a Minister with the ‘United Methodist Church’, in a sense they have a lot of issues just like the Catholic ideologies do, way to much ‘Church Doctrine’. The only ‘Church Doctrine’ that any ‘Christian’ Church should have is the Bible. If a ‘Church’s Doctrine’ does not conform to what the Bible teaches it is the ‘Church Doctrine’ that is in error, not the Scriptures. Most ‘Church’ groups here in the U.S. these days wants/insists that you ‘join’ the ‘Church’, this is how they can tout how many ‘followers/members’ they have but the main issue is that with most that I have seen, they want you to ‘join’ so that they can insist that you donate a minimum of 10% of your gross income, many even do payroll deductions from peoples pay checks. Reality is, people ‘join the Church’ when they become Baptized into being a follower of Christ. The word ‘Christians’ was a Greek term meaning ‘followers of Christ’.

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