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Jesus save

Church is always saying if you don’t believe in Jesus you are going to hell.I say when Jesus love people why send them to hell? If he died for us sins then he love us much and will not send us to hell.Church is always manipulative.For 500years ago people was illiterate.Most of people.Priest has a many knowledge and they manipulate.People belive.In this day’s are people no more illiterate.Every can write and read.I don’t belive in Pope.There can be only one Jesus.They make a icone that people can belive in.Its sad how strong power of manipulation they have.This is wrong and far far away from Jesus.Church is just all about power.In europe must people paying to church taxes.Its that what’s Jesus learn us?If hell exist then is church way to hell.Why they show to people Jesus was white?If he was born in Bethlehem.Strange.Why must they make procession.Jesus has no procession learn.Church make this to make people belive im a priest church.Jesus don’t wanted any money.Why paying people to church???Jesus saying give the emperor what is his.Is church the emperor?Or its work of satan.Whith bad things he can’t win.But if he work in church and make false hopes then can he win.Maria.Church worship more Maria like Jesus.Think before going to church.Jo don’t need church.You only must open your heart to Jesus.Only this and you are saved.No church,priest nothing.Just a strong belive in Jesus.


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