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Diets and money

Many people talking about diets, healthy. I think and see, that people are more interested on money and not your health and diets. If you want to help somebody you don’t take money, unless you payed with your own money for something. This is a industry and people are buying all what they want. This is like a sand in eyes. You can’t eat a lot of food and loose weight. People are not equally. Some people eat much and are slim. This diets are not always helping every human. They sell something without a testing. You see a perfect body on tv or internet and they say in 30 days you loose weight. In this stuff you don’t want to believe. They lie tgat people buying product’s. They say you are fat you are not cute unless you buy a product,what they selling. If you want to loose weight,then listen to your body. Your body knows what needs. How can they sell you a product if they don’t know you? They see you like a badge of money and not as a human. Remember with no work or less eating you don’t loose weight. This is your money. Many products help a little but in time you become a more weight. People who loose weight with training and healthy food they know how hard is a real diet. And if you loose weight alone with no help,the you appreciate your health.


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