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Jesus against !!!

This title saying Jesus against. Against what? Against church who teaches false teaching. Church is a lie. Lie of filthy lies. Jesus didn’t want to be his apostole unhappy. Jesus loves humanity. Why must church having so much of money and other things. People didn’t need this. If you want to believe in Jesus then just open your heart and belive. Why should you spending money in church? Is this Jesus teaching? No is not. Everybody who ask for your money is not working for Jesus. Jesus love humanity. Church is not that what’s Jesus likes. Jesus event not wanting a long Mass. If you go to Mass, is not making you a better human. This way is not the way to believe in Jesus. Human always belive in what they see. That’s not how it works. You heart must tell you what is good and what not. Just listen to your heart because Jesus is waiting for you.


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