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Don’t get sick

Yes we all know don’t get sick. Our sickness are for some people good. People getting sick they make money. A lot of money!!!!!! People don’t have no one to listen. Are you rich then you have everything throwing up your feet. Are you poore then you are condemned to death. In this circle is place for mercy. Pay or die. Beat costumers are middle work class. They have jobs, credit’s and children. They know that middle class will pay if they want ti be healthy. They must work to make their children a better future. And there is involved even bank’s. Tgey know how much needed money people who work. If you believe some day will be better they you think wrong. It’s going to be worse. The farmacy want to make more money every year. A good middle class worker will buy a product from them every time he gets sick and no one cares do you have the money or not

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