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JESUS didn’t want this

Jesus is life,path and love. In churches have we priests and they have clothes that don’t have nothing to do with Jesus.Many large churches they have. Didn’t Jesus learn don’t have wealth on this world. Yes Jesus was saying to Peter ti make church. But that church isn’t from rocks and stones. This church means in our hearts. Jesus is everywhere. You don’t need priest to come closer. Many people going to church that they think they have no sin. But i know this people are the worst. Why doesn’t priest help the poor like Jesus do? Because they don’t care. And Pope whorsip many people. This is wrong. No one can be like Jesus. People always seek for redemption,but they will not find in church. How Jesus say many wrong people will come and saying i am Messiah. Like the Pope. People are possessed with money,wealth and other things. That why they belive in Pope and not in Jesus. They have weak heart’s.

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