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Healthy and happy

If you want a good life and be healthy then you must change. People eat good things but they don’t work hard. Years ago people don’t eat so much and work hard. All things that we buy have a lot of sugar or salt. Other things is just chemistry. I say pig eat better then humsn in this days. They want to sell everything. People are naive. If you want to be healthy you must do more sport snd not so much eating or not everything. It’s not helping that you do sport but after you drink sugar or eat something that’s not even pig eat. Everybody know that you feel better if you don’t eat to much. Even are kids we learn eat something that you can buy. Parents like if children eat like some cornflakes or something else. This is fast food and no work for parents. Many people don’t work hard in companies. They come home eat something and go to bad. Sure is good if you put something in your microwave. You must ask yourself is that good for me and my family???


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