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If you want success you must be fast in thinking and have I right ideas. You can sell over internet or else, but important is that you always saying truth about your products and being honest. If you have no experience with products then don’t lie. Just say specification about products and nothing more. For selling you don’t need gratuate. Affiliate marketing it’s to much. There is not more success. You mast have luck. It’s better something sell for companies and industries. You must think large. If you think small then you always staying there. You as seller must tell to customers that your product is special and you guarantee for it. Many people work for affiliate marketing hours and hours. They can work 15 hours par day. That is no success and there will money not help if you don’t have time to spend it. Most of all ideas that is important. You must be always on top and your thinking to then I guarantee you success.


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