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πŸ€” Church 666

πŸ€”Is church lies to us? Jesus never say must be rich on earth? Why is pope so rich and church? Because they do not work for Jesus? They are the beast 666. 666 number is number of church!!!They make every human to be part of church to Baptists in name of church πŸ˜•. How Jesus saj in Bible. Pope is Antichrist and church is a whore(babilon). People worship pope and not Jesus. This is lie to us and whole world. How many people killed church in name of Jesus??? 😱. I know that if you want to live forever and if you love your own soul than stay away from church πŸ€”πŸƒ. You only need your belive and open heart to Jesus. If pope was Jesus then help a people who belive. They only want souls to drag them in hell. Like exorcism. How can priest fight a demon but can’t cure people? People belive more in Mary. Why? Because church give them this. They do anything to pull people away. They end will soon come. Antichrist is here and his having a war against so belive in church. Think!!!

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