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Nostradamus prophecy

Scholars believe that the lines of the Third World War are hidden between US and North Korea, the US and Russia in these lines. Many people have speculated that with the Third World War this biggest economic crisis of the century will also come.

According to the prophecy of Nostradamus, the Third World War will be between two superpowers and this war will last for 27 years.

According to Nostradamus, it will be the darkest night of summer during a solar eclipse, When the eclipse takes place completely on the Sun then a celestial body will fall. This monster can be seen in daylight also. Scholars who explain these lines say that any body from the sky will fall on the earth, which will cause destruction.

Nostradamus has predicted that in 2019, humanity will have to suffer the effects of an asteroid. Along with this there will be fear of nuclear war and natural disasters.

In a video explaining the poems of Nostrodamus, it is reported that there will be incidents of fierce violence along with the occurrence of a comet in the sky. Nuclear terrorism and natural disasters will destroy our planet.

Climate will change the surface of the Earth-

The earth will continue to stir in 2019 due to the increased temperature of the earth, the melting glacier and the large hurricane.

Nostradamus had written while predicting the dangerous effect of climate change – we will see the rising levels of water and the earth flowing beneath it.

Many major wars and conflicts will arise from climate change and disputes will be increased between people and resources and mass migration.

People will start talking to animals-

According to the YouTube channel Unexplained Mysteries, Nostradamus has predicted that an incredible relationship between animal and human beings will be established in the future. People will be closer to animals and maybe even talk to them.

According to the channel’s interpretation, humans will be closer to animals than each other. Some people say that it means that humans will stop sacrificing animals while some people interpret that people with the help of technology will be able to communicate with the animals.

According to Nostradamus’s prediction, in 2019, some European countries will be hit by a dangerous flood. Apart from this, the countries which are troubled by the flood tragedy include the names of Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic and Britain. European countries and the US will not only fight against the problem of immigration, but there are also many terror attacks on them.

Hurricane will come in different parts of America, which will be a catastrophic catastrophe. There will be many armed conflict with global warming. The people of USA must be ready for a big earthquake. This earthquake will be very catastrophic. With its strategy, China will become the new leader of the world.

According to Nostradamus’s prediction, religious extremism will also increase in Middle East countries and in some other parts of the world, which will result in unrest and civil war. Many people will be forced to leave their country and take shelter in other countries.

There is also a relief signal among the fearless predictions of Nostradamus. According to Nostradamus, in 2019 there will be unprecedented progress in the medical sector, which will increase the average age of the people. Those who read the book ‘Prophecies’ of the Natrrdamus claim that people will be able to live for 200 years.

The prophecies of Nostradamus that proved to be true-

The prophecies of Nasseridamus have been proven to be very precise about Diana’s death, the rise of Adolf Hitler, atomic bomb, World War II, 9/11. What Nostradamus said about the 45th President of America, the world’s most powerful country, has proved exactly as Donald Trump.

The nostradamus prediction about the atomic attacks in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan proved to be true. Nastredamus had said that there will be two such explosions whose impact will last for a long time.


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