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Sektor Gaza

In 1994, Sektor Gaza released Kashchey Bessmertnyi (Kashchey the Immortal), a punk-opera based on a famous Russian fairy tale featuring the titular evil protagonist. On this album, Klinskikh performed original lyrics to songs by popular groups such as AC/DC, Queen, Ace of Base, and Nirvana. The album ranked in the top 10, and journalists called Sektor Gaza “a young promising group from the back of beyond”.

The group officially released four music videos: “Kolhoznyj pank” (“Kolkhoz punk”), “Lirika” (“Lyric”), “Tuman” (“The fog”), and “Pora domoj” (“It’s time to return home”). Together with DJ Mole, Klinskikh arranged some Sektor Gaza songs as technoremixes. Sektor Gaza used curse words in their songs, but this was rarely seen in any of their concert performances.Klinskikh was quoted as stating, “I am using four letter words not for the sake of it…our songs are for those who can understand us. If you’re stupid, you remain the same after the concert”.

In November 1998, Sektor Gaza toured Russia.

In October 2000, the group released a new album, Vosstavshij iz ada (Hellraiser). Klinskikh’s health was in decline due to liver disease. On 4 July 2000, Klinskikh complained of strong pains in his stomach and the left side of his chest. He chose not to cancel a meeting later that day to film a music video for the song “Noch Straha” (“Fright Night”). He suffered heart failure shortly thereafter. Klinskikh died in Voronezh at the age of 35. He is buried in the Levoberezhniy Cemetery.

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