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In this world most of people using digital stuff. Most of kids do have smartphone. Is this good that are kids using smartphones? They don’t play more outside. How many sites can enter a child on internet? Violation is broken in ever step. Kids are poor. They don’t think. First kids can write anymore if they use all the time smartphone. They don’t see good, because they eyes are damaged. About 15 years ago you see children playing, like football, or with bike, talking and other things. This all is over. No one care. Large smartphone producers want to sell. I understand parents. In school if you don’t have all this digital stuff, then are you outsider. This is world we created and must expect. About how damage children body smartphone we don’t better talk about. I don’t wonder if so many cancer is in this world. Sure is good if you have smartphone if you needed. But kids do not need this. They must live normal live and feel to be a child. That’s is was matter.


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