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Bursting with measles: a quarantine ship forbidding passengers from disembarking

In the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, quarantine was introduced on the Freewinds ship owned by the Scientology Church. The captain was banned from leaving the port, and the passengers were given a boat, suspecting that he had a crew member of the measles.

It is a contagious disease that has not occurred due to extended vaccination in recent decades, said the head of the epidemiological service on the island of Merlene Fredericks-James. However, in recent years, many vaccinations are contrary, and infectious diseases, including measles, are rapidly spreading again. In the United States, the largest eruption of the last quarter of the century was recorded, and about 700 cases of measles were recorded.

“Because of the risk of a major outbreak of disease, we were banned by travelers from disembarking,” Fredericks-James said. The infected person should be “in a stable state”.

It was the 134-meter long Freewinds ship, confirmed by NBC’s chief of coast guard. Although the Scientology Church does not have a clear opinion on the vaccination, although several of its members, especially known players, have opposed vaccination. In the latest official statement on this topic, the president of the church said that they believe that the attitude to vaccination does not fall within the religious attitudes.

The church is supposed to use the ship for “spiritual journeys”, describing it as “a special place where a member of the church can fully devote to his beliefs and religious practices in the company of people who share the same beliefs”.

The ship was in the media already in 2011, when Australia claimed that it was detained on board against her will, which the church denied.

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