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On these pages, we introduce you to the latest findings on climate change, the assessment of the threat to the Slovenian environment and the data on how the climate is changing both globally and locally. We also collected some of the most important links to global websites.

The number of natural disasters and their damage are increasing

Never before has humanity, as in the modern world, had the means and opportunities to adapt to even the harshest climatic conditions, but despite all the damage that mankind has suffered from extreme weather and climatic conditions, year after year, it grows dizzily. What’s the cause? Too vast and negligent attitude towards natural goods, such as our environment, a false sense of superiority over nature, offered by modern technology and the rapid development of science in recent decades?

In addition to natural processes, people also contribute significantly to climate change

It is modern technology that has enabled us to begin to squeeze into the air all the larger quantities of gases that naturally take care of the thermal balance of the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases provide a relatively comfortable life on the earth’s surface, but humans have significantly increased their concentration in the last decades, mainly using fossil fuels. He also added some compounds that are not in nature, but they have a long life and threaten the protective ozone layer of the earth, which protects us against the harmful part of UV sunlight; the phenomenon is known as the ozone hole.

Climate change research has become one of the most important modern climate data applications; the biggest challenge is to distinguish between the changes that result from human activity and natural climate change. Scientists, politicians and the public suddenly began to realize that wasteful spending of energy and environmental pollution can revenge us.

International organizations and climate change

The World Meteorological Organization was the first to launch a scientific debate and organize organized steps towards raising global politicians and the public. The fruit of its efforts was the creation of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Under his wing, the world’s most influential scientists assess climate conditions, anticipate their changes, effects and negative consequences. A number of complex connections between individual parts of the climate system are also being tried.

Agency for the Environment and Climate Change

We are also involved in this international effort in Slovenia, the political actions are being taken at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment, and at the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia we are vigilantly monitoring what is happening to the climate in Slovenia and in the world, what changes are being made and what they could mean our climate. Most of the activities of the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia are directly or indirectly linked to the climate and its alteration.

Why is adaptation to climate change necessary?

Until recently, attention has been focused solely on limiting the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, but now we are increasingly getting to know that we need a strategy for adapting to climate change. By adapting to the new situation, we will reduce our vulnerability and the damage that we suffer every year from climate change. Countries that will adapt effectively and in a timely manner will benefit from those who will not succeed.

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  1. IMHO all conflicts and fights within humanity pale into insignificance when compared to the magnitude of challenge presented by climate change. It may already be too late to change anything.

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