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Facebook removed some of the well-known American extremists from their sites

Facebook’s Facebook social networking site has removed some of the well-known American extremists from its side, such as the dark anti-Semitist Louis Farrakhan and Alex Jones, the right-wing creator of theories. Facebook has identified them as dangerous, and their poisonous ideologies will no longer be on its platforms.Alex Jones, who is, among other things, known for the slaughter of school children to blame their parents who are against weapons, has his own InfoWars medium. Facebook banned him in August last year and has now removed him from Instagram, which is also owned by this largest online social network.

In addition to Jones and Farrakhan, right-wing provocateurs Milo Yiannapoulos, Paul Johseph Watson, Laura Loomer and Paul Nehlen have been deleted from Facebook and Instagram.

The process of removing non-material abuse from Facebook is time-consuming, taking into account whether a person has ever called for violence on a racial, ethnic or national basis, or has spread hostile ideology and hate speech, and the like. In the future, Facebook can remove even those who defend “removed”.

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