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The EU Cyber Army and the Lithuanian elves in the fight against Russian trolls

What, in the opinion of the European Commission, is “the greatest danger to the European Union”? Disinformation from Russia. In recent years, the latter has already been under the bluster of allegations of interference in the US presidential election in 2016 and a referendum on breXit. Apart from her, the most visible attempts to influence public opinion come from China and North Korea.

The EU is preparing its response to an outbreak of threat, a series of countermeasures to counteract cyber attacks and respond to them. These include, inter alia, a number of measures in the field of cyber security, enhancing transparency, promoting media literacy and establishing fast-moving forces for the European Union’s cyber attacks.

“If I am the perpetrator, if I am a third country trying to think about how it could affect the European Union’s policy towards my country or its behavior in general, in other regions or in the world, the European elections in this sense are a light target, “Says Patryk Pawlak, director of the European Institute for Security Studies and security expert.


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