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Palestinians and Israelis have decided to stop the fire

Egypt has agreed to the conclusion of the cease-fire agreement between Israelis and Palestinians, which came into force at 4.30 am local time (at 3.30 CET).

The ceasefire was confirmed by representatives of the Hamas movement, which controls Gaza, the Islamic Jihad, and a representative of the Egyptian authorities. Israel did not comment on the deal, as with similar previous ceasefires.

After the agreement, the area is calm. The Palestinians should not launch any missiles on Israeli territory, but the Israeli army did not carry out any air strikes.

The tensions between the Israelis and the Palestinians have aggravated the past week. At least 23 people were killed in the Israeli offensive on Gazelle in 2014, including two pregnant women, a 14-month-old and a 12-year-old child, and four people were killed in Israeli attacks.

The Israeli army announced on Sunday that more than 600 rockets had flown to Israel’s territory since Saturday, and they themselves are expected to respond with an attack on 320 targets.

US President Donald Trump, who expressed full support for the Jewish state, also spoke about the tension between Israel and the Palestinians. “Israel is once again facing a flood of deadly rocket attacks by Hamas terrorist groups and the Islamic Jihad. We support 100% of Israel in the defense of its citizens,” Trump wrote in a Twitter message that torched Gaza residents “that these terrorist acts against Israel will not brought nothing but even more misery “. “End violence and seek peace – it can happen!”


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