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Meghan and Harry got a son

The British public has eagerly awaited the new royal rise in recent days. Foreign media tirelessly reported on the progress of pregnancy and events within the royal family. Even before the hour, they reported that Meghan Marklepopadke had, but apparently the news came to the public with a delay. Because at the official Instagram the Dukes have now been informed that the Duchess has already given birth: “We are glad that the Duke and the Duke of Sussek were grateful to the firstborn. He was born early in the morning on 6 May 2019, the newborn weighs 3.26 kilograms. are good health. We want to thank everyone who is happy with us and support us in this very special time. ” At the end of the record, they added that more details will be announced in the coming days.

A young dad called on the media and said that the birth was an incredible experience: “The experience was amazing. I could never imagine how women can do this … It’s extraordinary … Amazingly proud of my wife. ” He added that the names have not been set yet, and that he would, in principle, inform him in two days’ time.

The beginning of a fairy tale

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle met on a blind date, which was prepared for her by a joint friend in July 2016. Meghan was important only when she was meeting with a famous British prince. However, all her concerns were diluted at the very first meeting. Prince Harry said in a video interview for the BBC, which he did immediately after the birthday, that he knew at the first date that Meghan was right.

Only four weeks later Meghan joined Prince Harry on a trip to Africa. In Botswana, they camped under the starry sky, and at that time they were really the very first time. “It was the most important thing, because we just could really get to know each other,” Prince Harry said in an interview.

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