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During the fire, he saved his luggage and hindered the evacuation of his passengers. ;

After a terrible accident at the Russian airport, when 41 people died in a burning plane, the world’s public is agitating the story of a man who saved his luggage during a fire. In addition to being even less agile, the path was obstructed by a huge bag, which he tried to solve in any way. According to the witnesses, the road to the free space was completely blocked.

While the world is searching for a serious accident in the Russian airplane in which 41 people died on Sunday, a man who had only one worry during the fire was able to save his luggage for additional public excitement.

A bit more abundant Rus with his huge bag then slowly and cumbersely pounded against the exit, while making it difficult to evacuate passengers in time. Of all those who sat behind him, only three were able to save themselves.

Anyone who sat behind him definitely died, “only one of the comments of users of social networks after the public came in with information about his behavior. Others wrote:” An incredibly cute man, a real example of humanity. ”

The 22-year-old crew member, Maxim Moisey, is wearing a completely different story. He accidentally tried to open the door in the back of the plane, which would allow trapped passengers to go out.

And not only that, with the men, at least 40 minutes after he was able to come to the passenger terminal, they were also occupied by employees at Sheremetyevo Airport. He wanted to return his money for a plane ticket.

The man was not the only one who did not follow the rules of emergency evacuation

But the man, apparently, was not the only one who did not follow the instructions of the crew for disembarking. Shortly after the accident, images of other passengers leaving the aircraft with hand luggage appeared on social networks even though one of the main rules of action in the event of aviation accidents ‘left everything and saved the head’. It counts every second, although it is a general rule that the entire aircraft must be evacuated within a maximum of 90 seconds – in this case, approximately one second for the passenger.


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