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She warned against the ‘silent crisis’: nature is in the worst state of human history

The United Nations will present the latest comprehensive report on the state of nature, and their findings are all rather encouraging. Experts point out that nature is currently in the worst state of human history.

More than one million species of animal and plant species are threatened with extinction, which occurs ten times, in some cases even hundreds of times faster than in the past. This is one of the findings of the 1800-page long report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Scientific Policy on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), which was prepared by more than 450 researchers for three years and collected thousands of evidence.

More than half a million species on land do not have a sufficiently large habitat that would allow them long-term survival, so they are likely to die off, warns the report. For many species, this can happen over several decades, unless we manage to restore their habitats. The same is true for the oceans and seas.

The study analyzed the impact that man has on his land use on nature. Deforestation and the spread of livestock farming, due to the high demand for animal products, have displaced many species from their natural environments. Excess fishing has depleted fish stocks in much of the world.

They urge world leaders to take immediate steps to stop the deterioration of our environment. It’s not just about plant and animal rescue, but to preserve a planet that is becoming less and less friendly to people’s lives, said Robert Watson, a British scientist and team leader who prepared the report.

If we destroy nature, we destroy the foundations, all of which we all depend on ‘

Environmental friendship organization Friends of the Earth has warned that the decline in biodiversity is a disaster for humans. “Biodiversity is inextricably linked to human well-being, if we do not reverse the trend, we are risking a future in which we will not be able to sustain the food we need for survival,” Sky Sandwich Sandra Bell of the organization told Sky News.

The experts who prepared the report blamed mankind for the biodiversity crisis. It is also up to us to try to resolve the situation, which can still be done if governments, businesses and individuals take decisive action.

Even before the public presentation of the report, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) published an open letter, under which nearly 600 nature conservationists signed. “Nature provides us with the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink. We are dependent on it to cultivate crops, obtain medicines, build houses and make clothes. If we destroy nature, we destroy the foundations from which we all depend, “they wrote in a letter. “We still have time to keep what is left and start with the renewal of nature. But for this, we have to radically change our way of life, including how we use electricity, we produce food and treat waste,” they added. The letter also called for leaders to make resolute and ambitious changes.

French Minister for Ecological and Inclusive Transition Francois de Rugy compared biodiversity reduction with damage caused by climate change. While many of you are already feeling on your own skin because of rising temperatures, and people have become more aware of it, the slow loss of nature is a more “silent crisis”, he said. Both threats together (climate change and the decline in biodiversity) cause a global “bio-climate crisis”.

A detailed and comprehensive report on the state of nature was presented today in Paris.


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