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Iran officially abolished part of the commitments made by the nuclear agreement

The Iranian authorities have given ambassadors from five countries, namely China, Germany, France, Great Britain and Russia, to inform Iran in Iran that they deviate from part of the commitments made in the 2015 nuclear agreement after the US withdrew from the agreement in May last year Iranian Foreign Ministry.

“US measures, especially in the last year, but also before their departure, have a clear goal to cause a breakdown in the implementation of the agreement,” said Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamed Javad Zarif during a visit to Moscow.

Iran has shown patience, but has now estimated that it is appropriate to stop taking into account certain obligations and voluntary measures under the agreement, the minister added. He stressed that Tehran is not withdrawing from the deal. However, until now, established decisions are in line with the agreement if other parties do not comply with the agreement.

The Supreme Council of Iranian National Security later explained that they would no longer respect the restrictions on the storage of heavy water and enriched uranium, as they did in accordance with the agreement. This measure is necessary to ensure rights and establish a balance after the American exit, they explained.

At the same time, five countries that still respect the agreement have given 60 days to begin implementing their commitments, especially in the oil and banking sector. After the reinstatement of US sanctions against Iran, they acted accordingly, despite promises they would not. If they fail to do so within a specified time limit, Teheran could no longer take into account other commitments under the agreement.

Paris does not rule out the reintroduction of European sanctions against Iran

French Defense Minister Florence Parlydanes did not want to rule out the possibility that the European Union would reintroduce sanctions against Iran after it announced that it had ceased to respect certain obligations under the Iranian nuclear agreement. In the meantime, China has called on all parties to maintain the agreement.

“If they do not comply with these commitments, this issue will also arise (on the reintroduction of sanctions),” she told Parlias, speaking to the French television BFMTV, not directly referring to Tehran’s current statements. She explained that sanctions are one of the options they are studying.

In the meantime, China has called on all parties to maintain the agreement. “Conservation and implementation of agreements are the responsibility of all parties,” said China Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang. “We urge all parties to restrain, strengthen dialogue and avoid tensions,” he stressed.


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