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The 11-year-old has become pregnant, but due to legislation, she is forced to give birth

A 11-year-old girl disappeared in Massillon, Ohio, a week ago. The parents immediately informed the police about this and got the investigation. The trail led them to Juan Leone-Gomez, and when they searched his home, they found a missing girl in the locker closet.

The 26-year-old walked in front of a judge on Friday, and court documents show that he was accused of kidnapping and repeated rape of a girl.

The 11-year-old has become pregnant and will have to give birth to the baby. The new legislation, adopted in December 2016 in Ohio, prohibits abortion after six weeks, or when the embryo can detect heart rate. In this, raped women are no exception.

In the last year, at least 15 US states have adopted the so-called “heart beat” legislation, which prohibits abortion after they can detect a heartbeat in the fetus. Just yesterday, a similar law was passed also in the US state of Georgia, although it allowed some exceptions. The American Union for Civil Liberties (ACLU) and a number of parenting and reproductive rights planning organizations have considered the bill unconstitutional and have already announced its challenge to the court. “We stand by the side of women and stand for the right of women to make personal and intimate decisions about when and if they want to spread the family,” said Andrea Young, director of ACLU.

In Alabama, discussions are ongoing to ban abortions at any stage of pregnancy, unless pregnancy threatens women’s lives.


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