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Church in Ireland struck after finding a mass grave of children

The Roman Catholic Church in Ireland was struck by the new high-profile allegations of child neglect after finding the skeleton of 796 children in the former septic tank, allegedly orphans who died between 1926 and 1961.A massive cemetery lies at the site of the former orphanage for children of unmarried mothers. Only the building, which was initially a hideaway, was pulled down in the 1970s, and new buildings were built in its place, AP reports.Catherine Corless, a researcher who found files containing information about the death of children found in a nun by a nun in a Catholic home in Tuam, considers that the last resting place of the majority, if not all of the children from the files, is the former septic tank. The data also show that the orphanage, led by the nun rule Bon Secours, rearranged the former septic tank specifically to be a dumping ground for corpses.Church dignitaries from Galway in the west of Ireland say they did not know that there were so many children who died in an orphanage buried there and to support local initiatives to mark the city with a special memorial plaque with the names of all 796 children.Prayer for sins
Data show that children, mostly infants and toddlers, have died in the orphanage, which was open for 35 years, often (up to five times more often than average) due to a variety of illnesses, illnesses, deformations and premature births. In 1944, the majority of 271 children, who together with 61 unmarried mothers resided in Tuam, detected severe malnutrition, maternal illness, and generally overcrowding.Until the 1990s, Ireland unmarried mothers and their children simply plucked into state-funded ecclesiastical institutions, which were referred to as mothers and children homes or Magdalen’s Homes. The mothers were forcibly working to repent of their sins, and the children were deprived of them.No Christian funeral
The older inhabitants of Tuam recall that children attended a school there – but they were separated from other students – until they were either adopted or adopted, or when they were placed in church work schools for seven or eight years, where children worked without pay, often suffered a variety of abuses. According to the Catholic teachings of such children born outside the law, they were not baptized, and after the death they were left without a Christian funeral.The Tuam inhabitants discovered the bones in 1975, when the two boys, after an accident, broke the concrete cover of the buried cesspool. In the end, the priest of that place prayed, and the lid was sealed again without skeleton counting or trying to determine their identity. Before the Corles research, they believed that they were mortal remains of the victims of hunger, which in the 19th century cut the population of western Ireland. Ireland has so far published four major investigations into the abuse of children under the care of church institutions, in particular working schools, and their disguise. The last such Catholic working schools were closed in the 1990s.”Do not pray for them; tell them where the corpses are”
“Do not pray for these dead children: do not complain to those who were alive, abused and abused, but instead tell us where other corpses are. Similar homes were throughout Ireland, in each of them an outrageously high mortality rate for children, “wrote a sharp criticism of the latest ghastly discovery in today’s edition of the British Guardian newspaper. “Only the full disclosure of the Irish Catholic Church can begin a crutch for children who have died in its care.”Corles is surprised that the Irish media needed so much time that they thought it was worth publishing a story. “If you found two children in an unmarked grave, it would be news. What about 800?” he wonders. “But what about the difference between the wall of lies, denials and mysteries that the Church built to protect its pedophile priests and the concrete cover over the body of 796 children who were neglected by nuns to death? Good people reveal these evil truths, The church always survives, “they wrote in Guardian.


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