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What’s new with Google?

Recently, Google had a I / O conference to present some of the innovations that this year is preparing for its users. Here are some of the most striking.

Surround camera: The user will be able to search for, for example, the closest restaurant mirrored not only on a virtual map, as it was before, but will also be able to activate the camera on a mobile phone and carefully look at where in its field of vision it is located.

3D models in searches: For example, looking for muscle performance, Google will also show you the actual muscle performance in your search results, and in the 3D model to make it easier for you to perform.

Google Lens will connect the virtual and real world: In the event that the user wants to see something in real size, shape, color … the application will show it as an AR (virtual reality) on the screen itself for an easier performance. Also, the application will be able to recommend the best dishes in a particular restaurant so that the user will only point the camera to the restaurant, but it will find in his database which dish is most popular in it.

Google Go for low-cost smartphones: From now on Google Go will also have the ability to capture text (for example, on various boards), which the user can automatically translate into his own language.

Google Duplex with even more options: An application available in the US will have an additional link with Google’s assistant. If a user will, for example, traveled to a foreign country and would like to borrow a car on arrival, Google will automatically search for his reservation, compare dates from when to when he needs it and automatically book a car’s car, without registering data.

Assistant also outside applications: The Google Assistant will now be available outside applications and will be even more intelligent. This way, the user will be able to reply with a voice command to a text message or ask the application to show him pictures from the trip …

Privacy News: This time, Google is the most focused on the privacy of its users, where they will be able to choose which information the company can manage. Collection of usage data will become even more anonymous, as data will be collected and aggregated without any information that could link their users. Also, “Offline” modes will be available in other applications (maps …)

Immediate speech comprehension: For users who have multiple sclerosis and other speech impediments, the “Live Caption” service, which will translate speech in real time into text in the form of subtitles, will also be useful in understanding the difficulty of speech.

Smart Reply also for other applications: So far, a smart answer has been made available to reply only to emails where the system automatically anticipated your response. Now this will be available in other applications, as smart answers will be built into the Android operating system.

Limited location access: The new option to allow location collection will now allow the user to allow location information to be shared with the application only when it is in use – and not in the background.

Google Maps AR: The new option will also acquire maps, as walking navigation will be even simpler, simply by looking at the streets.


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