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The future is electric, which is undoubtedly true for the automotive industry. Nevertheless, electric cars are not yet part of our everyday life, as drivers are not particularly impressed with the reach of one battery charge. While the reach is acceptable at least initially, it is becoming shorter over the years, which eventually forces drivers to replace the battery, which is of course not cheap.

Volkswagen buyers of electric vehicles, however, will not have these problems because the battery or battery will “sustain” throughout the life of an electric car. The goal of the German automotive giant is to build an accumulator that will offer at least 70 percent of the initial capacity after eight years of use or 160 thousand kilometers. This actually means that the battery for electric cars simply will not need to be replaced.

Volkswagen’s modern electric vehicles will be built on the basis of the MEB platform and will provide users with an autonomy of operation for approximately 500 kilometers. It should be noted that for long battery life, it will be necessary to ensure that they are not filled with quick chargers, as these are proven to help speed up the use of the battery. In addition, it is recommended that the battery be recharged to only 80 percent, as this also contributes to a slightly longer life of the battery.

Unfortunately, we have to wait a bit for the batteries that we can use throughout the entire life of electric cars. They will be available between 2025 and 2030, but will also bring other drivers to electric car drivers. Among them, it is especially important to point out a more compact design, cheaper production and slightly faster charging.


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