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The co-founder requests a breakdown of Facebook

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes publicly urged the US government to break the giant into smaller sections, for example, by separating Instagram and WhatsAppa from the New York Times. The company has become simply too big and Mark Zuckerberg has an overwhelming influence, he explained.

To break the technology giants like Facebook, they call on American politicians from both parties, while Democratic Senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, promises during her election campaign that she will take care of this in the event of her election. The senator is convinced that large technology companies have too much power over American society, economics and democracy. It is destroying competition and suppressing innovation.

Hughes, together with Zuckerberg, Eduard Saverin and Dustin Moskovitz, set up a Facebook social platform in Harvard University in 2004. All but Hughes, worth about 383 million euros, are today billionaires. Zuckerberg is at the helm of Facebook and controls 60 percent of the company’s shares worth 445 billion euros, used by billions of people around the world, and controls over 80 percent of all world social network revenues.

Zuckerberg’s control is non-American

Hughes writes that US lawmakers have admired Facebook’s explosive growth for too long and overlooked their own responsibility to protect Americans and market competition. “It’s time for Facebook to break up,” he wrote and outlined a breakdown by Standard Oil and AT & T as a good example of government intervention. Hughes believes that Zuckerberg is a good and friendly man, but determined to dominate. His complete control of Facebook was supposedly non-American.


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