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You are sick you go to doctor. He give you a lot of pharmacy products. Do you ask yourselves its that good for you? Do you need all this things? If you get sick because coldness than you becoming antibiotics and other stuff. Doctor get payment when he give you a tablets and other things from one company who makes them. He don’t become money or payment when he’s saying to you drink tea and stay in bed. It’s problem that human trust to much a doctor. If you getting sick because cancer than you need your medicine. But the little sicknes can we cure self. For that we do not need a doctor. More pharmacy products doctor give to you more money they become. In a few years will antibiotics not help us because we are using to much. I know if you’re sick you want to be good fast. And products are saying to us or promise that’s gonna be fast. Always think twice before you buying or using produtcs that are not from nature.

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