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Why do we have to read books?

Bill Gates reads 50 books every year. Mark Zuckerberg reads 30 books a year. When Elona Muska (Tesla) asked how he built a space rocket (Space X), he said: “I’m reading a book.”

Link to books

Are you having difficulty choosing to read a book? Have you been in the library for many years? In any case, Google and with it all over the web served with a lot of information that we now have at your fingertime right now. Nevertheless, the book is still the best basis for personal and professional growth. Over the past 30 years, Steve Siebold has studied the riches of 1,200 richest people in the world and found that everyone, almost without exception, has an important common point. That’s to read a lot of books. So which books are being read successful?

1. Business books

Finding inspiration in books written by those who are already experienced in the world of entrepreneurship, marketing or your industry is always a good choice. Why should you make mistakes if others have already realized what really works? The important fact is that successful people do not read motivational books at all in most cases, but they are mostly produced under the most successful of the best, which find motivation elsewhere. Among the books that are not business, but belonging to the acquisition of knowledge, also includes the international bestseller The Million Dollar Decision, which is one of the best part of Robert Rolich. A Slovene who succeeded in the book on the international market definitely proves that the book is a step towards success!

2. Romans and fiction

Surprised? Do not be on the list of books that you recommend are successful novels, fiction and short stories very often in the first place. We seek inspiration in dreams, daily dreams, and even in novels. They may take us to a new world, where we can examine characters, actions, or the environment, and transfer knowledge to our every day!

3. Historical books

History and events that have led to today’s world can be a great and powerful learning moment. Recognize how great courage and awareness was needed for all overwhelming wars, epidemics, dark periods of history. Is not this the very thought of this incentive and motivational?

The above facts and research show that books are rich in money, although there is another step in the meantime. Enrichment of knowledge and personal growth, which can also bring financial results. Maybe in this summer, you could replace one hour before the TV or phone screen by reading a quality book! If you are also aware of the importance of reading (good) books, then I have a great proposal for you. Robert Rolich, a Slovenian marketing expert, wrote the book The Million Dollar Decision, which immediately became an international hit. Perhaps it’s time for you to invest your time in knowledge this summer – and Robert Rolich, together with the Academy of Panta Rei, is certainly the right choice.

Here is link to books you want:

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