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The 10 safest places in the world if the III breaks out. world War!!!

Trump’s indignation with Iran, the increasingly arbitrary actions of North Korea, and the prolongation of the list of sanctions against Russia are troubling the whole world. More and more people are afraid that we are on the threshold of III. of the world war, which could also erase humanity from the face of the earth.

The consequences of the nuclear, economic and potential information clash of the great powers would certainly be terrifying. Maybe it’s also why these days the world has again circled a YouTube video that focuses on the top 10 countries in which it would be best to stay at the moment when (and if) something like this really would happen.

10. Ireland

Ireland remains military neutral, the real source of this chillingly-entertaining list. Ireland has been sworn in since that time since 1930. If III had thus broken out, World War, it would not be bad to be in a country that would be able to remain neutral in the middle of chaos.

9. Switzerland

Switzerland is also neutral in virtually all respects. More. Switzerland is practicing this position even farther from Ireland, or more precisely: since 1815, when its neutrality was recognized at the Vienna Congress. Switzerland also has its geographical position and especially the high mountains that prevent the invasion of this small and exemplary state.

8. Slovenia

Slovenia is also on this list. The source, which we summarize, says that our potential independence should be best handled to us. Slovenia should have enough own thermal, solar and hydroelectric power sources in order to be able to meet its own energy needs in the event of an international conflict.

But before you get too excited, we need to draw your attention to the considerable ‘inconsistency’ of further argumentation of our placement on this honorable list. Namely, it certainly does not follow the following, which makes us the inventor of the Indy100 list in the following counts in plus. It says: “The state managed to disarm the fire of both the first and the second world wars, so we can assume that their isolationist behavior goes hand in hand.” Did you first start to wonder, and then laugh? The author of the list obviously does not know that Slovenia has existed as an independent state since 1991, and therefore it was easily “missed” in the list of war conflicts during the two world wars. But here we know that the wars of the Old Continent did not really overtake us.

However, in spite of this “noise”, we agree with the author’s position of Slovenia on his list. Also, because Slovenia also regularly ranks among the most secure countries in the world by other criteria and scales.

7. Fiji

Island in the South Pacific? This time, geographical position is definitely a factor of greater security. In case III. World War I can therefore warmly recommend you to travel to Fiji.

6. Denmark

Although Denmark is a member of NATO, and if any international conflict is likely to drag him into his vortex sooner rather than later, this country has one more trump card, i.e. Greenland. The clear distance of this largest island in the world goes hand in hand with the fact that as much as 84% of its surface is covered with ice. In short, this is certainly an extremely uninteresting area for any military conflict.

5. Austria

Austria ranked fourth in the Global Peace Index this year, which seems to be enough to be ranked among the countries in which it would be best to live if the outbreak of the Third World War broke out.

4. Portugal

A similar reason for listing on our list has the author of the list also for Portugal. The latter ranked higher on the Global Peace Index than Austria, but it also finds only nice words, because it is called the ‘oasis of stability’. In the face of the not-so-past problems that have caused serious problems to Portugal due to the economic global crisis and the mere slow economic and social recovery, such a label may seem to be almost exaggerated, however: Portugal may not be one of the worst decisions to flee the third World War II.

3. New Zealand

This somewhat remote island state in the Southwestern Pacific could be one of the best destination for refugees from war zones. The state is supposed to be nutritionally and energetically self-sufficient, but it will certainly not be difficult for you to get to the islands with truly beautiful landscapes where they are grazing before the horrors of the Third World War.

2. Canada

Canada ranked the eighth in the Global Peace Index, but its result is so much better in the non-inclusion index in domestic and international conflicts. In the case of the Third World War, this peaceful and neutral attitude can be a powerful tool.

1. Iceland

The country ranked the highest in the Global Peace Index, which is in itself a good reason to be ranked on the scale. And, of course, it goes back to the island (and at the time of the Third World War, it is definitely better to be far away from all the overheated pitches, and, on the other hand, it is surrounded by a lot of salt water from the Northern Atlantic estimation), Iceland is certainly the best possible hiding place and shelter in in case one might actually break out III in the past. world War.


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