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Did God create evil?

Answer: At first, it may seem that if God created everything that existed, then evil had to be created from God. The evil itself is not a “word” like stone or electricity. You can not have a cup of evil. Evil does not exist for itself, because it is essentially the absence of good. Holes, for example, are real, they exist, but only in something else. The absence of the earth can be called a hole, but because it can not be separated from the earth itself, it does not exist in essence. When God created everything, then all creation was good. One of the good things God created was creatures who had the freedom to choose good. In order for these beings to have the real possibility of choice, God had to allow that there was also the absence of good. God thus created free people and angels who had the freedom to decide for good or to reject good (which could be called bad or evil). When there is a bad bond between the two good words, we call it bad or evil, but ultimately this evil bond does not become the “word” God created by necessity.

Maybe the illustration will help. If a person says, “Does the frost exist?” the answer could be affirmative. The answer would be incorrect. There is no frost. Frost is the absence of heat. In a similar way, there is no theme, namely the absence of light. Evil is therefore the absence of a good, or perhaps otherwise, an absence from God is evil. God did not create the evil, but he allowed the absence of goodness.

God did not create evil, but he allows it. If God did not allow the possibility of evil (absence of goodness), then both, humanity and angels would serve God from obligation, coercion, not choice. God did not want “robots” who simply do what he wants because he “programmed them” so. God allowed the possibility of evil in order to have a genuine free will to decide whether we want to serve him or not.

As limited human creatures we can never really understand the unlimited eternal God (Romans 11: 33-34). At times we think that we understand why God does some work, and then we find out that he essentially did something completely different than we first thought. God looks at things from a sacred, eternal perspective. We, as human beings, look at things from a human-made, human, sinful and time-limited perspective. Why did God put man on the earth when he knew that Adam and Eve would certainly sin, and thus brought evil, death, and suffering for all mankind? Why he simply did not create us and leave us in the heavens, where they would certainly be perfect and would not endure? These questions can not be adequately answered on this side of reality. But we can know that whatever God does, he is holy and perfect and will ultimately be glory to Him. God allowed the possibility of an evil person to give us a real free choice if we want to be with him and celebrate him or not. God did not create evil, but he allowed it. If I did not allow him, I would be praised and honored by him for compulsion and obligation, and not because of our own choice.


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