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Who really is the Antichrist?

Antichrist, who and what is actually this? Saint Paul calls him “the man of sin,” who claims that he is a god. For the Polycarp from the time of early Christianity, this is anyone who preaches the false doctrine; for A · na · naz’i the Antichrist was Ari, who claimed that Christ can not be the Son of God; Archbishop Arnulf was 991 Pope John XV. accused the Antichrist, Cardinal Benno of the same claim of Pope Gregory VII., the Protestant Reformers (led by Luther and Calvin), the Roman Popes were even identified with the Antichrist. The Orthodox Church declared the Emperor Peter the Great Antichrist for demanding that he pay taxes from the church.

The greatest disaster of mankind ”

Friedrich Nietzsche, the only one who declared himself Antichrist, also addressed his book in which he declared war a “theological instinct” as a source of lying and blindness to reality. For Nietzsche, the Christian notion of God is “one of the most corrupt conceptions of God that has fallen to the earth,” that is, the god determined by the hatred of life, the god as the “formula for every defamation” of the foreign “and for every lie about” abroad ‘”God, as a” holy will to nothing “. In Christianity, both religion and religion must operate with “imaginary beings”, “imaginary causes”, “imaginary consequences” and interpret any good or bad feeling with the notions of repentance, bad news, temptations of the devil, divine vicinity, etc. With her story of sin and the “inquisition of consciousness”, Christianity raised the “sense of cruelty towards herself and others”, became the model of “hatred for all who think differently,” “hatred of the senses and joys of sensual life” and also “hatred of science “. As a religion that is fed by sin and suffering (“all that is suffering, all that is spread, it is divine”), Christianity is “the greatest misfortune that has inflicted humanity”.

For Nietzsche, there was only one Christian, and he died on the cross. He also died with his joyful conscience, his gospel, which spoke of the unity of God and man, and which Jesus also lived. St. Paul did the “Event” right from Jesus’ death, and thus fully perfected the gospel of Jesus; Moreover, with this vision (in fact, the hallucination) of the sacrificial death, the greatest contribution has been made to the fact that “the concepts of interdependence, the last judgments, the immortality of the soul became instruments of torture, the systems of cruelty through which the priest, the Church, became master.” Is St. Paul himself the first Antichrist?


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