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Try to eat healthy. Because you want to feel better because you want to lose weight because you want to have a better skin. Whatever the reason, the mere fact that you put body-friendly foods on the menu is not always enough for health and well-being.

Often, the opposite happens, which means that the selected diet regime results in negative effects on the body, which responds to the whole with the warning signs. See what the Insider writes suggests that your chosen eating habits really hurt.

You are always hungry and irritable

How many times has happened: on Monday you decide to diet. Which means only a cup of coffee for an apple, for lunch, and so on. This is the worst thing you can do. “That way you’ll be hungry all day, because the body will not receive all the necessary substances and will not have enough energy for all tasks,” said Megan Ostler, a nutrition expert, adding:

“Because you will be hungry, you will not be able to gather, you will be irritable, you will all be nervous. Insufficient calorie intake is never a good choice, because it affects not only feelings but also relationships with relatives. recommended. ”

Your gastrointestinal tract is in need

If you spend too much or too little time on the toilets, what’s wrong with your diet. Closing or diarrhea, both of which result from an irregular diet.

“This is the first warning that something should change for the better,” the expert said.

You’re always cold

Another common indicator of not feeding enough energy with food is the fact that you often get cold. Especially in the palm and the foot.

“In this case, the body saves energy and directs it to internal, vital organs, and therefore it is cold, even if it is almost hot,” explains Ostler.

You’re losing your hair

Every day, it loses a certain number of hair, but if you notice that the last few times these are on the brush more than usual, what can you blame for your diet? In strict routine diets, the hair roots do not have enough energy to handle his task. Here we also add a shortage of hair to the key nutrients, the result of all of which is less hair on the scalp.

When consuming certain foods, you have bad conscience

“One of the biggest disadvantages of diets is that it is completely banned from certain foods,” says a nutritionist and adds: “It’s true that some are healthier than others, but I think the ban on so-called bad foods is not the right path to health.

Unless the prohibition is based on any of the diseases. Everything should be allowed, only in the right quantities. When eating in dishes, bad conscience should not be present. ”

You are struggling with the challenge of gymnastics

Daily activities have also become a real effort for you, because you simply do not have the power for them. This means that the body does not receive enough energy, and therefore the muscles can not perform their work, but you are tired and incapable of running away a distance that never before seemed a problem to you.

Often you are tormented by headaches

If you have never experienced a headache that has been caused by hunger, you can be happy. In the case of an irregular diet, they are not rare.

If they are constantly present and do not disappear even when you are refreshing yourself with a written vegetable plate, it is not enough for the body to work and the headache will not disappear with it. Time is for a different diet.

“So what,” you think. “Let me get hurt, my head hurts, but just get rid of my belly before the summer.” It will not hold.

As Paul Salter, nutrition expert, points out, all the aforementioned signs suggest that the body is in psychological and physical stress as a result of the low calorie and nutrient intake that occurs in strict diets:

“The prolonged shortage of these leads to lasting damage, so they should consider a different diet, include all nutrients, and increase energy intake by at least 10 to 15 percent, and especially enjoy foods, even if they sometimes deviate from the concept of a healthy diet. “


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