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Politics and satan

Politics: in understanding politics, it is about the best understanding of what is happening in human society, the events that will become the past tomorrow, that is, a part of history. Events in history are also political events. In some political events, the decision-making and the functioning of a large number of people, that is, human masses, which means the mass of individuals in society, results in the need for a better comprehension of this event, it is necessary to comprehensively comprehend human beings. This can not be done if we do not take into account metaphysical realities, souls, Gods, foreigners – and also Satan, who can seduce people and then use them as tools and weapons of their own operation in the world.

Satan: It is difficult for a modern man to believe in spiritual things, for reasons known: because of loneliness, materialism, and modern empirical science. So also satan, which is a spirit, does not exist for him – this is a matter of fairy tales and the dark middle ages. But is not this one of his tricks and victories – that he succeeded in persuading people in his non-existence, and therefore can work without fear?

The events in not so long history: the slaughter of two world wars, the horrors of concentration camps, millions of dead due to communism. If we present all of this, it is not difficult to imagine that satan was the one who dragged the threads – beyond the entangled people. That way, we could also say to our Party that it was a satanic organization, and that inter-war violence and killings were a satan’s work-people were only his weapon.

When the Party formally descended from power, most of what it has put left: the structures and people working inside them, it follows that by democratization satan has not lost anything from its power, but it can be concluded that has changed the way it operates. Political moves do not pull out publicly, accentuated and in the name of Ideology (Marxism), but pull their threads from the background, through various new parties and new faces, which it uses as puppets. And political power no longer implements physical repression and threat, but with the power and violence of the media.

The media operate in various ways, on several fronts and in different directions. It’s by no means just a direct propaganda: for certain people, parties, ideas …. The enormous media power is also directed towards creating an appropriate state in people and in society – that suggestions and manipulations, indoctrination will be best captured. Therefore, the contents (even in a truncated way) that maintain the internal non-construction of people that cause spiritual and mental degradation, the satan destroys the souls also by treating them with zesty, and without major problems we can see that the majority content in the media – the flood of untruths! All in order to disable people for their own thought and for independent decision-making in the world.

Furthermore, it is not difficult to notice that free media and sexuality are widely propagated in the media; in this permanent struggle for power with the power of the media, human sexuality is generally very useful and therefore widely used (evil-exploited). Let me name a few of these effects on a person and thus to the crowd: it acts like opium, omega, people are employed, entangled in relationships, deal with them, and thus discourages them from other problems, they are also disabled to understand political issues. By propagating this freedom, the families are further broken up, with this people escaping, causing a general disorder and confusion – satan is the one who mixes everything!

This factor, however, deprives people of another efficient but sophisticated, hidden way: by keeping them in the school system with modern (empirical) science. Although it has lost its salutary, messianic role, it still has a tremendous impact on people, with regard to the way of thinking and the image of the world in which they live. Her strength and influence, faith, come from> the evidence.

Yes, even economy is the field of satanic activity, and therefore materialism, economicism is propagated through the media, through us the satan tells us that we place the matter and the physical needs in our life in the first place in the first place – let us remember how Satan in the wilderness tried Jesus :> Tell them that these stones are bread. Jesus says that man does not live only from bread, he also needs food for the soul, by directing satan to merely bodily needs, also causing the soul to ruin, even destroying the soul. > The common denominator

So we have the masses in front of us, in this way> prepared, and now they will be easier to indoctrinate them, give them suggestions, let us now move to> serious

The Capital of the Capitol, the money-changers who are the satanic worshipers: this power exercises its political power with the power of the media, that is, information technology, I tried to indicate how Satan works through them – a very similar situation is nowhere in the world today – the land became his domination . And civilization, which functions on such a media democracy, has in many respects become anti-civilization – because it deliberately destroys the inner core of every civilization that, in my opinion, is in some order and an internal state in people. The order is demolished and the desert appeared in people. Its technical achievements and external glories – all this must not be misled by us, we must acknowledge this internal decay. Given that, ultimately, it is the power of Satan, which is also the killer and the liar, the situation in the world will only deteriorate, and if we add to this a crisis of the environment that is going to increase, we can conclude that it will the situation is becoming more and more dangerous for a new great war, that is, a general destruction.

From this it follows that today, as soon as possible, the transition to the new era has become urgent, it is imperative that, already and here, to begin to build a new form of civilization, the question arises, in what way.

This way will depend on how we perceive civilization, and on the circumstances in which we begin.

First of all, such a form of civilization as we live today and which prevailed all over the world is not the only possible form of civilization, and certainly not the highest, most advanced type of civilization. This, present, is certainly rationalistic and technical, it has become very hungry and the culture of primarily material values, barbaric unilateral, this is a culture that builds on material foundations, and therefore a> tower of Babel <(a world that builds without God or even in a rebellion against God) and is as such oriented to collapse, to crashing.

The new form of civilization is supposed to be built on the spiritual basis, starting from the truth that man is also a spirit, and that he must therefore act in this world accordingly without any attachment and in such a way that he will achieve what he craves as a spirit, what his soul needs. This is supposed to be the ultimate goal of civilization: attaining this supreme goal, God, which, of course, also requires much from man, a kind of action that establishes a line in the world that does not cause chaos. Looking at our civilization from this point of view, we must conclude that it has collapsed, it has become a culture of devastation (in souls) and> jungle <(world of chaos).

And in such circumstances, it will be necessary to start, at the same time taking into account the need to constantly fight against the power of the Capitol and the satan rule, to operate in a complex, rigid world. Such circumstances, in particular, require a new way of deciding how to act on the stage of the world, whereby it will be necessary to lead the Spirit, not their own spirit (reason). However, these circumstances are ideal in this regard that people make this cognitive-minded leap and breakthrough – because it has never been in the history (for the reasons described) so obvious and in the palm of the hand that it is impossible for a person to know the truth about people, things, and events in the world to realize that Razum is a weak lighthouse for something like that, and that we need to find a new science – to get to know this truth and to make decisions in life. For such a thing, the situation in the world today is challenging because it will be necessary to overcome the enlightened rationalism (rationalism rejects everything that comes from the Spirit), which requires not only the transformation in the way of thinking, the liberation from what the school system entailed, this also requires a deep turnaround in the whole human being – from attachment to failure, from the foretold to the internalization, from anthropocentrism to the teocentrism. And again, every day, the silences of the modern era will be revolted, drawing us in the direction of greed, enjoyment, attachment, service to money (mammoth).

Of course, if this new philosophy were to be taken into detail in detail, it would require a new article and a new discussion, I wrote so much to indicate some basic orientations, and that it would be evident that the greatest political challenge of the present time can not be derived from the political paths (because this is not in the interest of the political elites, nor are they capable of this), but they will not do it too – because the current of the modern world is overwhelming. Only strong enough personalities, supreme thinkers and artists with enough width, open minds can begin, and then they will illuminate the ever wider layer of society.


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