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A dog saved a baby buried alive by a 15-year-old mother

Ping Pong, a three-legged dog, became a Thai hero after he dug a baby in the forest. The police soon found out that the baby was buried alive by his 15-year-old mother. A girl who hides pregnancy in front of her parents will be charged with attempted murder.The attention of Thai Nasaikh was drawn by the unusual barking of his six-year-old Ping Pong, coming from a nearby forest. When Usa came to a place where the upset Ping Pong was bathed on the ground, he noticed a shocking scene. A child’s leg ran out of the ground, and Usa immediately came to the aid of her dog. Fortunately, it was not too late. The baby was still alive, so the locals immediately brought him to the hospital where they found out that the child was perfectly healthy and that he was not injured. According to the local police, the happy story is attributed to the fact that the child was not buried deep.They did not look for the perpetrators long enough. Police officers arrested a 15-year-old who found out that the mother was a buried baby. In spite of her minority, she is threatened with trial for the offenses of abandonment and attempted murder. “We sent the girl to the psychiatric hospital for observation, because she is right on her own,” said Panuwat Puttakam, commander of the police station in Chum Phuang. “At the hearing, she said she regretted her act and acted impulsively, because she was afraid that her parents would find out about pregnancy,” Puttakam said. Meanwhile, 15-year-old parents have already reported that they are prepared to take care of the child, but authorities will not yet decide on it.


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