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Charity Antichrist

On the Sunday of Jesus’ temptations, we want to meet the modern Antichrist, as portrayed by Russian thinker Vladimir Solovyov. To the surprise, the Antichrist is portrayed as a very pleasing man, a beautiful appearance that can impress, a capable scientist, writer, thinker, politician … He also recognizes spirituality and the Bible, tries to be morally and says that he respects God. With this, he becomes the President of the United Nations of Europe, solves the social issue and establishes peace. He is also trying to associate Christians with three great religions, and many cross over to his side, but he does not succeed in convincing small groups with Pope Peter II, monks Janez and Professor Pauli. They set themselves against the price of great trials and expulsions. The core of the dispute is Christ, because the Antichrist is alone for the savior.

Although work was written in the distant 1900, it remains very topical. It predicts a crisis that has captured Christians in the 20th century. There is a great temptation to confuse faith by fulfilling moral requirements. At spiritual exercises in the Vatican in 2007, Cardinal Biffa emphasized that Jesus Christ can not be translated into a series of good plans that coincide with the prevailing mindset. Even before such beautiful values as solidarity, love of peace, respect for nature, can not give up the truth of salvation, which contains a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The youth revolution of 1968 was drunken freedom, the abolition of authority and restriction; in the 1980s, the enjoyment and the nihilistic attitude to everything became even greater, and the nineties represented the appearance of paradise on earth, which was inflated by neoliberalism with its relatives. People have dreamed of life dreaming and literally drowning in prosperity. The Antichrist succeeded in enchanting the crowds, and also the Christians, in agreeing to spirituality, which put Christ’s effort of love, his sacrifice, suffering and resurrection into the brackets.

But Christ did not come to make false peace, but with all his truth he stood up against evil and overcome him in the faithful love that went to the place. There will always be a small group that will faithfully follow in the words of the first Pope: “Lord, whom should we go to? You have the words of eternal life and we firmly believe in it, and we know that you are the Holy One, God


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