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Meat industry – the biggest consequence of global warming and hunger on the planet# read this and share the truth.

Dear,friend and people over world

Through the television, I am informed that there are discussions in the National Assembly about higher taxes on transport vehicles that pollute the environment much more than smaller vehicles, which are supposedly less taxed.

This could be linked to the meat industry and nutrition, which plays a crucial role in polluting the environment. It is just right time to remember that we could also burden the meat industry and consumption with higher taxes, because the facts are:

– Livestock production poses the greatest threat to the environment, and also causes more greenhouse gas than overall global traffic.

– Pollution of seas with heavy metals and abnormal fish death attributes the law of sowing and harvesting to people. Fish are hunted without thoughts, they are slaughtered and people are eating them without any doubts.

– due to livestock production, 115 million tons of methane gas are produced annually. Methane is 21 times more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2.

– every person who enjoys meat is not only responsible for environmental damage and climate disasters, but also for hunger in the third world. Livestock of wealthy countries eat most of the plants from poor countries.

– 90% of the destruction of tropical rainforests is a consequence of mass livestock production.

– meat and milk production is responsible for 85% of soil erosion – 24 billion tons a year.

– A large, juicy steak, which some adore but do not realize that at the same time with this piece of meat they consume about 10,000 liters of water. The cattle, from which this steak originated, not only consumed so much water but the water was used for the production of fodder. There is plenty of water flowing in the slaughterhouse.

– Livestock production is one of the main culprits for global warming and consequently also droughts. In addition, more than 10 thousand liters of water is consumed for the production of one steak.

– in terms of the man’s attitude towards nature in general, it is worth emphasizing that while we are humans, we are the masters of nature, but not in terms of exploiters, but responsible caregivers!

And more facts:

British physicist Alan Calverd writes in the Physics Council: “To reduce the amount of greenhouse gas in CO2 in the atmosphere, it is not necessary to reduce the consumption of heating oil and gas, but humanity should change its eating habits. vegetarian, global warming could be controlled. »

Meat makes diabetes possible, causes obesity, damages the bone, causes inflammation and pain, contributes to heart attack and arteriosclerosis, it is a risk factor for cancer. Experts from the experience have long known: Without meat, we live more healthily.

We could protest against the fogging and neglecting tactics of officials who enjoy the meat to be harmless, and raise the contribution for carcass buyers.

I’m writing to you the idea if you might feel the original human being and see justice for animals and nature, if people are no longer seen by people (which is sad), and at the same time helping those who really need money , because the state I really appreciated it.

I also suggest that you support a great supply of vegetarian food in restaurants, restaurants …

This is a meat industry for the collective crime of cosmic proportions. We feel that we do not kill our conscience.

Let’s help to raise people’s awareness. And at the same time to others, also to the animals.

In the hope of good people, animals, nature,

With respect and love

additional facts:

For the production of 1kg of meat, 7-16 kg of cereals or soybeans are needed. In “shaping” the cereals into the meat, this artificial extension of the food chain loses 100% of the fiber. Horticulture is therefore the most effective way of destroying available food. On the surface required for processing 1 kg of meat, 200 kg of tomatoes or 160 kg of potatoes could be produced at the same time. Due to hunger, 40,000 children die every day in the world. Massive animal breeding in the western world is one of the main culprits for hunger in the third world. About 50 billion animals are killed each year for human consumption.


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