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The devil’s bible!

The Gigas Code is the largest still preserved medieval manuscript. With 22 centimeters thick and 92 centimeters high, the book is so big that it needed more than 160 animal skins. However, the size is not the one that surprised historians.

Inside, the whole-color color is the image of a baker, which makes many think that the manuscript is an oath. The devil’s bible, as they say, is now stored at the Swedish National Library in Stockholm, and at least two people are needed to transfer it, because it weighs inexhaustible 74 kilograms. It is still unclear how the manuscript was created at all.

The legend says that the medieval monk was living alive because he broke the monastic vows. In order to avoid penalties, he promised in one night to write a book containing the entire human knowledge. As soon as he approached midnight, the monk became desperate, so he turned to Lucifer for help, which, in exchange for completing his book, promised his soul. Lucifer accepted the offer and signed the book with his self-portrait. His written image is embedded in an empty landscape surrounded by two large towers.

A recent analysis of the script by paleographer Michael Gullick showed that the whole manuscript was actually written by one scribe. The ink is also of single origin, and it would be extremely unusual for a single scribe to use different types of ink. Experts also estimate that for the creation of such a large-scale work, it would take five years of continuous work. His creator must have been obsessed, experts say, but they do not know if the work was light or dark.

The Codex contains five long texts besides the entire Bible, while the controversial signature is “Hermanus inclusus” – inclusus also means a horrible punishment, but its true meaning is closer to the solitary way of life. It is entirely possible that the manuscript is the work of a monastic monk who dedicated his life to an exceptional code.


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