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1. Motivation

Set realistic goals. For example, decide to wear your pants again. During the diet, you will be able to keep up with your progress and also be happy to see the day your dreams come true.

Tip: Install your photo from the leaner days on the refrigerator.

2. Eat, eat, eat

It sounds paradoxical, but it’s often and regular to eat for weight loss. Of course the right food. Ideal every 2 to 3 hours. If the body is lazy, it is happy in the ‘crisis moments’ for sweet and greasy.

Tip: Introduce a light meal. Best in the form of fruits or vegetables, preferably a plate of thoughts or yoghurt.

3. No sugar

Perhaps you have not heard it yet, but it is known that the sweet taste can be cut off. And it’s worth it! We do not need sugar as such, as our body can extract carbohydrates from bread, rice, potato and fruit.

Tip: do you like candy? Replace them with fruit! Hold this rule for seven days, and you will see that it will then get as much of it as yourself.

4. Vegetables

Sugar is forbidden, and vegetables can be found at will! Depending on your taste, you can enrich your diet with various salads and all varieties of culinary experiments with vegetables.

Tip: Eat vegetables at each meal – daily about 500 grams. This will sharpen the taste and speed up the loss of kilograms.

5. Movement

There is no other way. There will be no loss in weight and maintenance of body weight without a sport. You should move at least three times a week and do as much as possible on foot.

Tip: do you think you are not for sports? Oh, you are! Choose the physical activity that you will enjoy – just so you can withstand.

6. No alcohol

Alcohol is a real poison for a successful diet. We do not recommend it during the diet. And your liver will be grateful.

Hint: did you know that the same amount of coke is less calories than wine? Burning is a real calorie bomb!

7. Drinking mode

Forget about the sugar beverage and take the plain water. When losing weight, your body will need between 1.5 and 3 liters of water a day. In addition to water to lose weight, green tea is also effective.

Tip: Add mint and lemon to the water. You will see that the drink will like you very much.

8. Error is allowed

Exaggerating is too simple to overheat. But do not give up, if you will once again take a fat sausage or a piece of cake. Re-establish the balance with more movement and continue the diet!

Tip: it’s not once, but counts twice or three times! Take a quick look at your original plan by turning it off.


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