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Russian scientists would clone the 42,000-year-old Paleolithic horse and then mammoth

In the Russian Yakutia, in the eternal ice, scientists discovered the frozen body of a paleolithic horse named Lena, which also found blood. Now they hope that they will succeed in cloning to revive this species, which would be followed by cloning of mammoths.

Russian scientists, in cooperation with Korean, have been dealing with the idea of cloning the Paleolithic horse, which they found last year in the Verkhoyansky district of Yakutia. It is a foal named Lena, and with its cells now hope that they will be able to revive this Paleolithic species, writes portal Russia Beyond Slovenia.

If they succeed, the next wish is to clone a mammoth.

“We intend to build a special scientific center for paleogenetics,” said Rector of the North-East Federal University in Yakutsk, Yevgeny Mihailov, adding that the plan is also supported by the regional government of Yakutia. Scientists are looking for new sources of funding for their project, which would allow cloning of mammoths.


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