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Technological Cold War started

The Chinese technology giant Huawei is lately under the strict scrutiny of the countries in which it operates. A few have raised a lot of dust around the safety of Huawei’s products. In the United States, there is a fear that China will exploit Huawei for spying and retrieving data from other countries. Of course, Huawei has been denying these rumors for a long time and claims that it does not give any information to the Chinese government or anything other than business taxes.

Although Huawei’s malicious activities have not yet been proven to date, Google has recently got into it, which many experts have identified as the beginning of the Cold War technology, and the technological iron curtain could even split the world in the future. With Google, Google has interrupted its cooperation in the part relating to the transfer of software and technical services, which does not, of course, involve those who are in free use. This move is likely to severely aggravate Huawei’s business outside of China, as the termination of this cooperation directly means the end of updating the Android operating system on Huawei mobile devices. In addition, users will not have access to services such as Google Play, Gmail, YouTube and others, which will greatly reduce their useful value in practice.

The new Google Restriction will apply to both the new version of the Android operating system, which will not be available to the Chinese company, as well as Huawei’s new smart phone models. At the Chinese company, users are at rest and, in doing so, they are committed to doing everything in their power to eliminate the above-mentioned restriction imposed on Google by the fact that the administration of US President Donald Trump of the Chinese giant has been included in the list of companies , with which American companies can not do business unless they have a special license, which they do not intend to apply to Google.


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