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Horror: Third World War in Europe by the end of 2019?

KIEV – Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that Russia could rightly attack Ukraine after the start of operation of the North Stream 2 pipeline. This will double the capacity of the existing North Stream 1 gas pipeline by the end of 2019 and allow Russia to cross Ukraine. According to the Polish Prime Minister, aggression will follow, as the Ukrainian gas system would cease to play an important role for Russia.

The mighty Russian army

He adds that Russia will no longer hinder to attack Kiev, emphasizing that Moscow invests all funds from the sold gas to modernize its own army. “The capital is so greedy that it will sell you a rope to hang it with,” concluded the Polish Prime Minister, quoting Lenin.

Russia can close the Azov Sea to Ukrainian ships, but this could lead to a great war between the two countries, “General Lt. Col. Igor Romanjenko said in his article on Apostrof. He believes that the military conflict with Moscow for Kiev would be hopeless because they could not even respond to the Russian army. He added that the West will not send soldiers to Ukraine because it fears the start of the Third World War. The only help on which Kiev can account is diplomatic and economic.

The US will block the pipeline

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeop is in the meantime convinced that the US will continue to work with Ukraine to stop the project of the German-Russian gas pipeline North Stream 2, the Ukrainian media reported. “We will continue to work together to prevent North Stream 2, a project that undermines the economic and strategic security of Ukraine and threatens to further jeopardize the sovereignty of European countries that depend on Russian gas.” “We do not want our European friends became a prey of political and economic manipulation that Russia is trying to do in Ukraine because it has decided to refuse Soviet bonds, “he concluded after meeting with Ukrainian diplomat Pavel Klimkin.

On the other hand, Germany, supported by France and Austria, claims that the new gas pipeline will provide a more stable and cheaper gas supply.

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