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The US ban threatens billions of users and even 1,200 US companies

In Huawei, they are convinced that the American move to put them on the blacklist of trading constitutes a dangerous precedent that will harm billions of consumers, as well as American companies and endanger their services. The Chinese giant, on the other hand, is pressuring with a lawsuit to prove that the law prohibiting federal agencies from buying Huawei’s products is unconstitutional.

Song Liuping, head of Huawei’s legal department, is convinced that the US trade ban will directly harm American companies and endanger their services.

‘The American move threatens billions of users and also 1200 US companies’

Recently, Huawei added Washington to the list of companies that US companies can not trade if they do not have a government authorization. The ban is part of a wider battle between the US and Huawei, BBC reports.

Washington advises the move on grounds of national security, although the Chinese technology giant has repeatedly rejected all the complaints that their products constitute a security threat and are independent of the Chinese government.Song also accused US politicians of exploiting the entire state structure for their fight against a private company. He says the decision can have far-reaching consequences: “This decision threatens three billion users in more than 170 countries around the world using Huawei’s products. At the same time, it affects more than 1,200 US companies that do business with us and can endanger tens of thousands of US services.”

Huawei returns a blow to the lawsuit

Speaking to reporters, Mr Song also described the lawsuit filed by Huawei in March against the US government, BBC reports. She says she has violated the Constitution with restrictions on federal agencies not to use Huawei’s products. They filed a kind of declaratory claim requiring the Supreme Court to “keep unlawful conduct against the company”.

“The US government did not mediate any evidence that Huawei is a dangerous threat. There is neither fire nor smoke, just a hint,” says Song.

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