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Will Bo Huawei Oak OS replace Android in the fall?

As more and more leading companies around the world, Huawei’s Huawei giant turns its backs, they are not surprised that the company is about to offer its own mobile operating system soon. With this move, Huawei could completely avoid the constraints recently set up by Google under the direct instructions of the US government. The Chinese giant will assign two labels to its own operating system, with the name Oak OS being used as the world market version, and the name of HongMeng OS will be exclusively for the Chinese market.

Huawei is expected to launch its own mobile operating system at the end of August or at the latest in early September, with the official launch of smartphone Mate 30. The Chinese giant will still be able to operate within the Android Open Source Project, but cooperation with the company Google will no longer be able to do this. This actually means that it will not have access to security and software fixes for the Android operating system.

However, Huawei is still hoping to reach an agreement with both the US government and Google. The latter has a considerable benefit from the Chinese giant, as it is the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

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