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The first smartphone with two pop-up cameras!

In the last few years, selfies have been firmly anchored in our lives, as there is no time in the day when no one would record or publish. As a result, more and more smartphone makers are making products that are perfect for capturing selfies. Vivo stands out among them, as it has put together a very interesting smartphone with the sales tag V17 Pro, which will be available soon.

As the Vivo V17 Pro smartphone comes with a screen that covers the entire front of the phone, it’s no surprise that the pop-up mechanism was used. Vivo engineers installed two webcams on it, so selfies will always be great in all conditions. In addition to webcams, there will also be a variety of sensors and sensors on the “bracket” to help you produce even better photos.

More information on the Vivo V17 Pro smartphone will be available towards the end of September. Because it will be a very interesting phone for lovers of selfies, we believe that it will be equipped with powerful hardware, and the retail price of the novelty should be extremely affordable. The novelty will initially be for sale in China, but of course we will be able to buy it through dedicated websites.


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