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Chris and the perversion of political reality. Share this post and HELP

These days there is probably no resident of Slovenia who would not be reached by the news of a little, even two year old Kris, in urgent need of a cure. To suppress the illness and be able to have a childhood similar to that experienced by any healthy child. But what if this medicine is not available through health insurance. It may be, but only next year. When it’s too late for Chris, the doctors say. And what, when the devil naturally goes into detail, the drug costs “only” € 2.3 million. Of course, everyone will first be asked what kind of medicine it is and who is using it to be so expensive. However, this is not a key issue at the moment, although it might be worthwhile to do some investigative journalism in the future.

Of course, I also compressed the SMS with financial assistance and shared posts where it was possible to raise the required 2.3 million euros for an extra cent, euro. Responses again indicate that Slovenians will be able to do this. Yes, those ordinary people and residents – who, like Kris, are victims and at the same time complicit in rewarding us with new positions over and over again with our writers and law-makers – will help. The ruling, accustomed to forgetting everything by the next week, will continue to shape our lives anyway. However, when they need any medical help, they will quickly contact the best doctor and cure for their illness through contacts and contacts. But this is a parable of the collision between the needs of real life and the perversion of political reality.

It is right for us to respond, as we will many times when the new Kris appears. It is because we have empathy and care. But we should also ask ourselves why we are forced to do this.

Surprisingly – I hope this nevertheless indicates that they are at least a little aware of their own responsibility – politicians and other responsible people have fallen silent and have not, as usual, witnessed their rhetorical oneness on various topics across social networks. And what they think the situation is, like in the story of Adria Airways or the millions of debt relief for the rich and the banking crater, is a lot of butter on its head. Still, wouldn’t it be right for all current and former MPs, ministers and anyone else in charge to set aside a euro from their ‘modest’ salaries and pensions and contribute to Chris? In an instant, we would have exceeded such an unattainable amount for Kris’s parents. And every now and again, if they do not know how to regulate the situation in the country in such a way that, when paying for each item in the health fund, it would receive the best medicines it needs. Even if it is a million dollar amount and even if the patient has to go abroad for treatment. It may be right now, with so much hot blood due to the requirement to terminate supplementary health insurance, it is time to consider all the nonsense and throw millions out of the window or into the pockets of health care. I know, many of you will say that I have high expectations for a democracy that does not even count for three decades. But that shouldn’t be the case.

Politicians of all political colors! This time it’s really about the kids. Unless you know otherwise, donate the full amount of time-running Kris out of your own pocket. Not that many Slovenes, many of whom barely make the break from month to month, are proving that we really care.

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