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What do you believe in? Is Jesus a god to you?

I believe in a God of love who is for me the universal Spirit and is present in every atom of this universe. In humans, animals, plants, minerals. He is for me the Creator of everything that surrounds us. I believe in the deity of Jesus and his doctrine, but I do not believe in the Catholic God, who sends billions of non-Catholics into eternal hell, calling in the Bible to kill homosexuals, adulterers, disobedient sons, other believers, witches, animals, in fact, all who are not obedient priests… The Bible assures the reader in an unambiguous manner: “All that I command you, obey this, and do it diligently. Add nothing and take nothing away! ”(Genesis 13: 1) Even in the Catechism, the RCC states that Christians should respect the Old Testament as the true word of God. Think of how many people today believe that God really authored these texts, and how many millions or billions of people have died in human history and are still dying today because of Christianity and Muslim fanaticism and the like because some believe that morality is God’s will, and that the Bible is entirely God’s truth?

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