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Opera Mini for Android lets you share files offline

Although Opera does not have many followers among PC users (preceded by Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari), the role of its mobile version is much more prominent. This is evidenced by the fact that the number of users of the mobile version of Opera Mini is increasing month by month. Opera Mini’s popular web browser has recently gotten even better with the new enhanced version aimed at smartphones and Android tablets.

The new version of Opera Mini for Android offers the ability to share files offline. Users can actually share their photos, videos and other files with other users without the need for mobile internet. This option is similar to the Wi-Fi Direct functionality that is present on all Android smartphones. It provides private and secure communication between mobile devices, which is 200 times faster than Bluetooth technology.

To share files, just select the Opera icon and then the File Sharing option. Then a page will appear where you can select “Send” (to send files) or “Receive” (to receive files from other devices). The connection between the devices is established by scanning the QR code from the device that is transferring the files. The new version of Opera Mini with this feature is already available on the official Google Play Store at

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