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Bed bugs: a night nibble, which is not at all pleasant

Sleep is better than burning, says the wisdom of the people. But precious sleep can be a big deal – maybe these are inappropriate bedroom conditions, and maybe annoying mosquito buzzing. What can make a good night in bed quite warm are the bedding.Otherwise, we do not feel the bite of the bed bugs, as this insect greases on us without waking us up. With the first bite, it releases a substance into the host’s body that tarnishes the skin, while preventing blood clotting and facilitating suction. The beak has two ducts – one sucks the blood and excretes the anesthetic after the other. When the pelvis is sucked into the skin, it is nourished for about three minutes until it is completely full and removed from the host. It is most active at night, just before dawn.Although these insects can live without food for several weeks, they are fed once a week if given the option. Adult pupils are brown to reddish-brown in color, oval in shape and dorsal-abdomen flattened, five to six millimeters in size. Feed the host’s blood is dark red in color and round in shape, up to 10 mm in size.The ancient Greeks complained about the bed walls in the fifth century BC. They were mentioned by both Greek comedian Aristophanes and philosopher Aristotle. Insects spread around the world with the establishment of trade routes – they were already in China in the seventh century, and in Germany by the 11th century. With the colonialists, the Rockies also traveled to North America and Australia. The population of these annoying bloodsuckers declined sharply in the mid-20th century, using insecticides such as DDT. Since then, they have become resistant to most of the chemicals used against them, and the numbers have increased again.The bites are arranged in a straight lineThe National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) explains that the most common response is the appearance of itchy red bulges. Of course, it can also be a point of another animal – the bite of the bug is so easily recognized that they appear in a straight line, because the bugs move with a “creep” and are unable to fly. Spots are most often on the face, neck, arms and other areas that are more easily accessible during sleep, NIJZ explains. It is important not to scratch as this can lead to complications and bacterial infection of the stabbing site. It does take a while for the itchy rashes to last from one to three weeks. We cannot neglect the emotional problems that may also result from insomnia due to severe itching. Many also describe the feeling of “phantom spots” long after the stench is gone. Of course, the concern here is that we brought the walls to our home.

Beds with the Latin name Cimex lectularius not only appear in tourist accommodations and apartments, but are also found in vehicles, theaters, shops, etc., respond to NIJZ. It is also a misconception that poor hygienic conditions are required for the appearance of the pups, as they can also occur in five-star, prestigious hotels. The walls, which are extremely stubborn and resistant insects, travel around the world with humans. They can slip into a suitcase or backpack and, like blind passengers, travel thousands of miles.

Six years ago there were virtually no pups

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