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The Illuminati system does everything to prevent people from getting rid of fears, addictions, limiting beliefs and feelings of powerlessness. At the same time, this system is very careful that people are not aware of their potential. With the principle of “Let’s give them bread and games!”, The collective consciousness is skillfully kept at a low instinctive level. More! For the programming of the human mind, the Illuminati first invented castrated religions and then a narrow school system of thought. To further confuse the people, the two institutions are still clashing with each other. The conflict between science and spirituality is the patent of the Illuminati, instigated by the unconscious masses that milling every bone that is thrown at them.
The Illuminati have found that education in the family and in schools is based more on repetition of positions and on imitation of patterns than on independent observation, critical reasoning and creative finding. The stark truth is that most people cannot decide to step out of the herd and start living their one-time life. In order not to make the individual aware of his worth, the Illuminati institutions urge him to sacrifice himself for the family, for the collective, for the progress of the nation and the state. But the history of planned wars and revolutions teaches us that the Illuminati also means nothing to the collective.

The Illuminati do not believe in the power of human goodness. Namely, they are not benevolent towards relatives if they do not have enough sense to gain power. Due to the emotional unresponsiveness, the villains do not feel fulfilled and therefore do not know the joy of giving. They also do not believe in the beneficent creator, but in the struggle between polarized divine principles, personified by Adonai (Lord) and Lucifer (Archer). The former is supposed to keep people ignorant and subjugate them, and the second is to help the Illuminati castes of their masters in liberating knowledge, but only if they are strong enough and uncompromising. Otherwise, since the Renaissance, the Illuminati have been striving for the spread of atheism in the world.

Man is encouraged by all his positive efforts in his faith. If a person’s vision, driven to attain higher values, fades, one gradually resigns and lives more and more aimlessly, there in one day. Only a person without clear criteria for what is needed and what is not is left to the consumer. That does cost him a lot. The employer’s obsession with productivity growth takes him so much time and energy that he runs out of money for family life, for friendships and for working on himself. This leaves him without the experiences that made him incarnate on this planet. The daily bombardment with the negative news in it evokes a sense of meaninglessness. The school system already kills the belief in a higher life in children. Religion shames as something backward and survivor. Human solidarity is increasingly neglected, but it emphasizes competitiveness, assertion and self-affirmation.

The most prominent AMERICAN illuminati are in all parties, in the most responsible places, wherever our society is deciding …. the Slovenian coat of arms with three six-pointed stars signifies their dominant presence in these territories … which is an integral part of the desire of the worldwide Masonic movement in Bolano hellish desire for total world domination and only one of their supreme world governments …. interestingly, there are no ordinary people among them … only those few percent who have already felt the sweetness of enjoying control of others who have subjugated most of them political, military, religious and financial powers in the world …. (read Turk’s welcoming speech to the Queen of England) … overpower the humanly confused crowd of capital and propaganda so technologically and mentally that people in elections always confirm their growing and more inhumane the oppressors, the future elite of the world lords, the softened upgrade of all totalitarianism, fascism and communism, which will probably one day be simply wiped out part of the human population in order to clean the living space for their chosen elite, outrageously inhumane misdeeds … dare we ever open the veil of voluntary ignorance, dare we ever make a party of clean people, win them elections, can we change the Slovenian coat of arms?

You can make anyone out of this piece of crazy as another conspiracy theory during the pickles … someone may be browsing the internet, history, world events for a bit …

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